Best moisturizer for black bald head

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Baldness doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways and it can be unfair to a lot of men who lose their hair at an early age as teenagers for example. So you think you won’t experience dry flaky skin on your bald head? Think again! The solution? Moisturizers specifally made for a bald head.

best moisturizer for black bald head

Our team is small but dedicated and we went and product tested all the following moisturizers based on a few criteria.





We decided to test 10 in total. It should give you guys a wide range of options from castor oil to aloe vera gel and more….

Enjoy our mini-guide and pick what seems right for you.








1. Bald Guyz Moisture Gel

bald guyz amazon best buy

This is our best Recommendation for men of color. Hands down many of our readers have said this not only moisturizers better than cocoa butter products but also smells more masculine.








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