Hairstyles for receding hairline black male

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 receding hairstyles for black men

It happens to us all right? So we will have to decide what to do about it if we are unlucky enough to bald at an early age as black men.

It is especially difficult for us if we have tight curly hair as we can’t cover up bald areas as white men can do with comb overs, which is a bad look anyway! Our short curly hair doesn’t give us that option!

So as a black man, I am writing this post because I wanted to help my friend Bob who is the the owner of this new site. He realised and noticed that Blackmen have a harder time with baldness. I agreed so I decided to write this continuing post. I will update this in future if we discover any new products or techniques which don’t cost thousands of dollars to solve our issue of receding hairlines and balding.

I have also included from my friends, family and professionals THE best products for us as Black men. I don’t like wasting my time and I dont want to waste yours only fast results!

As Black males we also have a more difficult time with shaving. I told my friend Bob this too so I am working on a list of products I use that work when I shave: African American shaving products.

If you guys decide to shave it all off which is in fashion right now anyway and is way easier to maintain then I suggest using a razor tried and tested by myself and other Black men I know.

Check that out here

I have included some ideas for you guys to view below. Many of the men have shaved their heads completely and I do recommend that especially if you have tight African curls. Its too stressful and costly in my opinion to TRY to conceal. Women will notice of course the most but so will your colleagues co-workers and friends!

Sometimes its so bad even celebrities cant hide it! I must admit that does make me feel a little better when I see Ne-Yo having worse problems than me with receding hair…. Now I know why he wears that hat so much! Damn…

Anyway guys I will add more and post again soon.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of this site. Bob the owner is a coll guy and wants to create something big here with a Mens community


My name is Chris and I am balding gracefully











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