Nofap and Hair Regrowth

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no fapping increases hair volume


Well I assume you guys have some idea what the word “fap” means. So “No fapping” shouldn’t come as a surprise to you smart guys. Yes, you are smart for coming to this website and reading this article. Why?


Because its the start of a journey for you. Stop being ruled by porn and as a consequence become more attractive to women – REAL Women.

I am personally a member of the “no fap” brotherhood. You can find out more about this empowerment for men at our community hub here. So this can be your long-term goal which is the most important as you develop as a strong minded man. Believe me when I say I know the weaknesses, but you need to resist. The very process of resisting the urge or temptation is a victory – and believe me its a battle.

As a self-confessed womanizer or player here a little secret – Women can tell a man who faps too much! Stopping also increases hair volume.











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