What are the causes of hair loss in teenage males?

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causes of hair loss in teenage males


As if teenagers don’t already have enough problems, the prospect of hairloss can be the tipping point for some. I have 2 Teenage sons 16 and 17 years old and can only imagine the distress and anguish other parents must feel their Teenage boys must be experiencing. A I have explained in the “about Us” section I recreated this site as a personal challenge to  fight my own hair loss battles. I had no idea that many teenagers her in the U.S.A faced such an ordeal.


After finding out about this and since I was concerned about my sonsI contacted my Doctor and he referred me to a specialist. The huge amount of information he told me is summarized below:


“Teenage Boys aged 17 and 18 can use the hair loss medication minoxidil. This treatment is one of two medications for hair loss that has been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA (the UK and US medical regulatory bodies) so unlike many alleged hair loss treatments that merely improve the condition of existing hair, it has proven in clinical trials that it can regrow thinning hair.

Hair loss at 16 for a male can be heart-breaking so a hair transplant is a solution to stop hair loss and baldness problem. Today the best hair transplant procedures are given at cost effective rates. Due to advanced techniques the success rate of hair transplant is more. You can get the best cost of hair transplant in Chennai from experts.”

 How to stop hair loss in teenage guys?

After discovering that if my sons EVER did start to lose their hair there are A LOT of remedies and solutions. I was so happy to hear that!

WORRY TEENAGE HAIR LOSSNow I want to help you men reading this with your own teenage sons. If there are teenagers reading this please talk to your parents especially father or older male relative to help you. Don’t suffer in silence, a burden shared is a burden lessened. I think back to my days as a teenager and I was a ladies man even back then in 198* The embareassment which would have shattered my teenage confidence around girls would have changed my life.

Teenage Hairloss

But now with social media its not just High School teasing and embarrassment teenagers now face. Teenagers think they need to look perfect in front of a camera ALL the time. Just look at Instagram and the like. Now, granted teenage girls are more obsessed with looks but our young men also need to look good too in the eyes of their peers and idols. Its a difficult time for young men living in the world so help them out. There are various creams and lotions I researched the past few years before I published this website. The most comfortable and convenient also naturally costs the most. So teenage male pattern baldness is something you can correct and solve IF caught early. Check out the review i made with others about iRestore. If you can spot it early on your son or your son tells you about it and doesn’t hide the problem you can reverse the problem easily.











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