Best razor for sensitive neck 2018

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Gillette Fusion Review I was invited by Bob to write this short story of my experience with using my favourite razor. After I found this new site of Bobs. I am from the UK England. We all know the problem as men. We all have different levels of sensitivity when we shave around the neck…

I have been using the this razor (Gillette Fusion ProGlide) for over 2 years now and I refuse to change even to a more expensive electric razor. Sure the the electric razors are faster but still give me a slight razor rash. I would rather take the extra time and feel better about my morning shave.





So how can we solve this and ensure no more bumps,cuts and rashes?

We here at are a group of men who have suffered with all things hair related. One place you will NEVER lose hair is around your neck and beard.


Definitely the BEST I can get….


Here’s what it looks like… and best of all sell it! Fast delivery and safe. That’s important because I have lost money to items that have not arrived in the mail in the past.


I rarely use pharmacy or drug stores to buy my Razors and such because the overhead of the stores affects the cost. Amazon does it for me on price and speed. I can even get it delivered same day but that’s increases the price if you don’t have Amazon Prime











We recommend usingĀ Gillette Fusion ProGlide. WHY? Because we think the combined manual approach to shaving is best for us men. I myself have used this “Fusion ProGlide” myself. The name is fancy but the results are legitimate. I have bad shaving scars from not knowing how to shave from my teenage years. No Youtube back then!



I buy most of my things from amazon these days so why not a razor?

Let me know how it goes for you guys and please comment below!



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