Best shaver for black bald head

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After using this to shave my head for a few years now I wanted to share my experience as a black man. It cuts our hair very easily and I mostly do it myself but sometimes ask a good friend to help me at the back of my head. I never ask my wife! She has failed too many times! haha

Anyway guys… I recommend this so to save yourself time searching on Amazon I included the link here.

A I said in my other post, thank you to Bob the site owner for asking me to contribute as I am a black man and Bob didn’t feel comfortable writing about the black mans experience, which is right! I am new to posting on this site but I have already contributed in another post about some of the best hairstyles black men can have if they have a receding hair. I am proud of that article and hope to write more when I can. I own a business in the real world renting property so don’t have too much time. I will commit to my friend Bob though and post again soon.


I will add more soon guys…


My name is Chris and I am balding gracefully





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