Can androgenic alopecia be cured

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Modern medicine has been, as of yet, unable to grow new hair in areas that present baldness due to the absence of active hair follicles. However, in most cases, it is possible to improve current hair growth and preserve the hair strands still present. As long as there are active hair follicles left in the scalp, androgenic alopecia can be successfully treated without having to resort to surgical procedures. For advice on delaying and dieting to “cure” it see here. Some highly successful treatment options include capillary regeneration of the hair follicle through the use of stem cell therapies, biomimetic peptide implantation, and capillary carboxytherapy. The optimal treatment methodology will depend on an assessment of the patient’s hair and overall state of health.



Nevertheless, with each passing day, more and more experts, endocrinologists, and dermatologists point out that an improper diet can become one of the leading factors behind pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. Because hair follicles require ample nutrient ingestion to activate and produce hair growth, it is now believed that diets low in protein and most minerals will negatively affect both the rate at which hair grows and sheds off. As long as we maintain a properly balanced diet and ensure that we cover our body’s needs for essential amino acids and other essential nutrients, the follicular growth cycle will not generally be impacted.

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