Dream Interpretation for Hair loss & Baldness

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We all dream both Men and Women. But losing our hair in a dream can mean a very different thing for a man especially.

What does this kind of dream mean in general?


dreaming of being bald
Dreaming about baldness together? Very Stressful!

Lets consider both dreaming of losing hair while in a dream and also being bald…These two dreams are linked. The first dream of losing your hair signifies inner fears and worries about not being able to take care of issues in your life. It also means you are afraid of losing your strength and influence or ability to succeed in an undertaking or to solve problems going on in your life. The fact it is multiple hairs you are losing signifies multiple areas of concern. You are concerned about your family, relationships, finances/business, even your health and vitality are of concern, along with your sense of feeling secure and safe feels uncertain. You worry you will not be able to succeed in these areas and are feeling vulnerable. You did not state if the dream of hair falling out took place in your home or somewhere else but if it was in the home the concerns seem to revolve primarily more around family, relationships, safety and security as opposed to a career.

The second dream of being bald is actually showing a coming to terms with these issues and finding strength –baldness symbolizes humility, purity, and personal sacrifice. You are at a stage in your life where you are confident in fully exposing yourself and allowing yourself to be seen as vulnerable without fear of weakness. The mirror you are looking into shows you are now looking deeper into your own soul for the answers to your issues and feeling confident in your ability to achieve a positive outcome. It also signifies the way you want others to see you as well. As a strong man capable of fulfilling your dreams, making decisions, and taking responsibility for your choices.

You are now capable of building good relationships with the family and are capable of providing the safety and security your home represents.

If the mirror was in the bathroom then this is a symbol of cleansing and purifying and you are looking to renew and refresh yourself and cleanse the past of negativity to begin new and positive- to become clean again. If it was in another room I would advise thinking about what the room represents. If it is a living room it is probably a renewal of family relationships and an opportunity to start new stronger bonds. If it is in the bedroom then you may be looking to strengthen the relationship with a partner, building and renewing the love and intimacy with your partner.

Overall these two dreams represents inner fears of not being able to fulfill your obligations, feeling pressured to succeed and bring safety and security to your home. The outcome showing a new view of self one of confidence and strength with a cleansing of the old fears and a confidence in your ability to cleans the past and creates new stronger bonds with family and to provide a safe secure home for self and family. Your soul is showing you are succeeding in becoming the man you want to be. You now choose to show this stronger face to the world.


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