The Dreaded Male hair loss in 40s

The Dreaded Male hair loss in 40s

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We are used to the idea that men that are 40 years old or older will begin to lose hair. This idea has been ingrained into our collective consciousness to such an extent that most men will not bat an eyelash when their hair starts to fall. Once we begin to age and enter our fourth decade, we fully expect and accept hair loss as one of the most evident signs of aging in men. The most common cause of age-related hair loss in men is genetics. Male pattern baldness is the manifestation of the body’s increasingly diminished capacity to process androgens. The level of sensitivity will be, for the most part, completely hereditary. Unfortunately, because of its genetic cause, androgenic alopecia cannot be stopped, although the use of chemical agents, such as Minoxidil, can slow and even reverse some of the damage.

Men need to become aware that androgenic alopecia does not begin to develop overnight and that the symptoms usually start to appear well before turning forty. In fact, by age thirty-five almost forty percent of the male population has already begun to develop a receding hairline. And despite the fact that over eighty percent of males over the age of eighty will have experienced significant hair loss, if alopecia starts suddenly after turning forty years old, it should be considered as abnormal. Therefore, if hair loss begins suddenly and reaches excessive levels within a short period, it is imperative that a specialized professional is consulted.

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