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no fap stops hair lossI have been doing nofap for 6 months and can notice a clear difference in the way my hair looks. When I reflect on it, there seems to be a connection between my masturbation habits and my hair loss and regrowth.


Around age 20, I first noticed that my hair was receding a lot more quickly than most of my peers, leaving me with a prominent point in front typical of male pattern baldness. At this point I was masturbating about every other day, sometimes more. When I was 21, I went through a period of daily masturbation, and looking back, this time seems to be my worst period of hair loss.






After that I gradually cut back to 2-3 times per week. At the time, I noticed the growth of very fine hairs around the edge of my current hairline, but it was so slight I didn’t think anything of it. I am now 25, and after beginning nofap, I noticed much more hair growth around the edges of my hair line. I have been doing nofap for 6 months without a relapse, and I can see a ring of new hair

no fapping increases hair volumearound my previous hairline, which in some places extends about 1/8-1/4 of an inch beyond the previous line. I’ve also noticed a bit more thickness in my hair and more even growth. Before, my hair would grow more quickly just above my ears, and would come in very curly, which really didn’t look too good. In the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that the hair seems to be growing in better proportions.




No Fapping on AMAZON


In my first month or two, I also began to grow more body hair. I was always quite hairy, but I noticed a little more hair on my upper arms, hands, knuckles, and shoulders. I guess the growth of my body hair has continued, but I pay much less attention to that than to the hair on my head.






Its also good to know what this addiction is doing to OUR BRAINS… believe me its not pretty and its addictive as cocaine. The experts and scientists think maybe EVEN MORE addictive than cocaine!

To make another long story short, I can say that I have noticed a connection between nofap and hair growth. I would, however, stress that what I’ve noticed is relatively slight, and my hairline still looks worse than most of my peers. I’ve compared what I look like now with old pictures of myself and don’t notice much of a difference.



While avoiding masturbation has helped and certainly prevented it from receding further, I’m not so sure that I’ll be able to get my hair back to what it looked like 5 or more years ago. Though I’m pleased by the regrowth of my hair, I try to remind myself that I’m avoiding masturbation for other reasons and anything that it does for my appearance is a bonus. Hair thinning was a thing of the past I realized. 🙂

Next step? Using irestore to take my hair re-growth to the next level!




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