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For many of us men our hair is as precious as Gold. We can look at the bible stories of Samson. His hair and eventual loss cost him his life…

In our modern times our hair is linked to our confidence. We are always concerened about how our fellow men regard us and of course women. So we NEED results and fast. No nonsense and fast results – thats what this website is about.

Provillus For Men

READ MORE ABOUT ME – Provillus has produced results for us here. Its a mid- cost treatment but offers the highest results of hair growth for the price range.

If you want better AND faster results you need to pay more, thats just the nature of life…

The company is well respected and has produced results for us here.





So in our opinion should you BUY Provillus? Yes we DO recommend Provillus especially if you have patience to see good results.


  • Excellent value for the Price
  • Moderate time to see results
  • Fast & Easy application on hair and scalp

    – Can take longer than other Treatments to see results


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FASTER RESULTS WE ALSO REVIEWED THE “i Restore” The fastest non-chemical product on the Market for Men


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  1. you are in reality a good source of mens hair trouble. The site is incredible and has helped. It kind of feels that you’re doing the unique trick.

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