How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning

How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning

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There are some moments that you never forget: Your first kiss. The day you get married. The birth of a child. That moment you realize that you’re going bald….


It can happen at any time and in any number of ways. For some of us men, we run our hands across the top of our heads and realize that our hair is falling out in the shower. For others, we’re combing through it when we realize that it’s falling out in clumps.

losing hair in shower


For me, it was a look in the mirror. I’d just gotten out of the shower, had dried off with a towel, and was about to style my hair when it hit me: there’s not much to style. I was only eighteen and I figured there was no way I could possibly be losing my hair. “It’s just a phase,” I thought, “Eventually my hair will hit a growth spurt.”

But it never happened. My hair kept falling out in clumps… This is the start of my journey to creating this site and improving myself….

The Art of Losing Your Hair (and Getting it Back)


I was obsessive over what was taking place on my scalp but silently hoped that no one else would notice. Unfortunately, I realized that was nothing more than a pipe-dream one Friday night while I was out on a date with a cute girl from my philosophy class. We were at a movie – a remake of some eighties slasher flick that wasn’t nearly as good as its source material, which wasn’t all that good to begin with. Since the theater was empty and the movie left something to be desired, I leaned in close for a kiss. She reciprocated. And before long, I had forgotten all about the movie. That is, until her left hand moved up towards my head and fear grabbed hold of my heart.

Her fingers traced a line through my hair and as they reached my crown, I felt them linger and then make a light tap. I’m not kidding. She tapped my small (but growing) bald spot. And the mood was completely broken. Now, I was sure that I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed my thinning hair.


She moved her hand away from my head and tried to keep the passion going but I was done. I pulled away, crossed my arms, and attempted to watch the train wreck of a movie playing out in front of me. At the moment, I felt like my experience in the theater was more frightening than what was on the screen.

It wasn’t long before she realized something was wrong. She let her arm walk across my shoulder, she leaned toward my ear, and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

I shot her a knowing look and muttered, “I think you probably know already.”

She fumbled around with her words for a minute and finally patted me on the knee and said, “Don’t worry about it. Lots of guys look good bald. Just look at Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel.”

“Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel!” I thought, “I’m nowhere near a Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel! I still have lots of hair! I’ve got gobs of it compared to them. I mean, I might not have as much as I did a few years ago – or even earlier this year – but I’m still in solid Jude Law territory. I mean, if I ever end up with a Trump-style comb-over, I’d definitely consider shaving the whole thing clean but for now, I’m not doing that bad.”

bald patch in cinema
Awkward moment for girl to notice balding to say the least…

But instead of saying any of that to her, I just nodded and silently asked myself, “Is it really getting so bad that people think I ought to just shave it all off?”

After the credits rolled, we got in the car and headed for her place. Before our date I was hoping I might get lucky. But now, my mind was so consumed by the thought of losing my hair that I almost drove right past her place. She hollered just as I was about to pass and I swerved hard into her driveway, playing it off like I’d meant to do it that way. I nearly hit her cat in the process but I figured it might make a good toupee if it ended up taking a dirt nap. It didn’t.

She got out of the car and unceremoniously made her way to the door without so much as a “Good night.” But I figured it was probably for the best. She might not be the one for me but she’d certainly done me a favor. She’d opened my eyes to the reality that I really needed to look at my hair-maintenance options.

After all, I’d read that there were studies saying people found bald men less assertive, less successful, and less attractive. I had certain reservations about the research (can you imagine Samuel L. Jackson with a head full of luscious locks?) but I figured there must be something behind it. And I wasn’t sure I could pull off the clean shaven look anyway. My mom had always told me that my head was lopsided and I had no desire to verify her longstanding observations.

So I started looking for answers.

And I immediately found answers that I had no desire hearing.

Someone said, “why don’t you just get a toupee? They make wigs that look so genuine no one would ever know.” And my response was simple: “No way.”

I don’t care how “genuine” someone thinks a toupee may look. A toupee is a toupee. And a wig is a wig. And neither one is ever gracing this head. Look, I used to work at a golf course and I saw countless old men come in from the links with toupees. The hair was always a mess – sometimes half of it still “blowing in the wind” even when there wasn’t any wind to blow. A toupee may work for some people but I knew that it simply wouldn’t work for me.

So I continued in my quest for answers to male pattern baldness.

A friend said, “I saw a billboard the other day for hair transplants. Why don’t you look into that?”

So I did.

I seriously thought about that option. After all, hair transplants last a long time and there’s a fairly high success rate with them. But they’re also expensive. And as I considered the cost while looking at a picture of my dad with his complete lack of hair on top and in front, I realized that it was going to cost me a whole lot more than a single treatment. This fact was drilled home even more clearly after finding out that the average cost of a hair transplant is over $5,000. If I was going to be completely honest with myself, I’d probably end up spending double that. And I simply couldn’t afford to invest that much money in a cosmetic procedure – no matter how necessary. Hair transplants may work for people who have lots of excess cash to blow but I’m an average guy with an average job. I can’t justify that kind of expense for a few extra strands of hair.

In my scramble for a way to hold on to every last strand of hair and every functioning follicle, I tried a few creams and foams. I had guys who told me about various ones – all with glowing testimonies – so I gave them a shot. But none of them seemed to really work. One dried out my scalp so badly that the dandruff fell from my head like year-round, scaly snowflakes. I wore a lot of white shirts over the course of that month.

Another cream made my left testicle feel like it was being compressed in a vice. I stopped that one pretty quickly as you can imagine.

I went through pills, conditioners, supplements, and shampoos, but with each passing day, my hair seemed to be making itself more and more scarce. I was rapidly moving from Jude Law territory into Prince William territory. I was approaching the Rubicon. And if something didn’t happen – and soon – then I’d be finding out whether my mom was right about my lopsided head.

As I surveyed all of my options – both ones I’d taken and ones I’d heard about from others – I had just about given up on ever getting my hair back. But then, I came across a product that claimed to give back all of the hair that had fallen out in so many clumps. It was like a follicle time machine that could transport my scalp back to a simpler, more youthful time.

The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System worked like nothing else I’ve ever tried. For those that may be unfamiliar with the device, the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is what I like to call a Hair Growth Helmet. Its technology stimulates scalp follicles to grow thicker and fuller. I had my doubts about it when I first started but I’d tried almost everything and nothing was having a major impact.

At the time, the most effective product I’d found was a caffeine-infused, hair stimulating shampoo called Ultrax Labs’ Hair Surge. I picked up a bottle of Hair Surge because of a friend who’d raved about it and though it didn’t eliminate my bald spot, it did feel like it was finally putting the breaks on my male pattern baldness. It might not be laying down new sod but it was at least keeping what I had in place.


Using irestore hair regrow
I know it looks dumb but it works! That’s all that matters…


The best thing about the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is that I could use it with any other hair-growth/retaining methods. So I kept my Hair Surge going and added the “iRestore System” to it as a trial.

While it was on my head, I could feel the warmth and I silently praying that it would work as advertised. Miraculously, it did!

After a few months, I noticed my hair filling in places it had previously completely retreated from. It was like a watching a burned over forest come back to life with new greenery. The tumbleweeds were heading out of town. The desert was receding. And my scalp was making a glorious return to form.

I don’t know whether I’ll ever have all of the hair that I did when I was only eighteen but I’m certainly a lot closer today than I was a year ago.

So, for all of those out there who are struggling with what to do about your hair (or lack thereof), struggle no more. Let the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System bring out the best in your head.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my life. I hope to inspire other men and make them realize they are not alone.





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