What to do for thinning hair on top of head?

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So it has finally happened. You are losing your hair on top of your head! We all panic when this type of baldness strikes!

What can we do about it? Well there are several solutions. Some are more effective than others and of course  like everything in this world the best solutions we will have to pay for.

thinning hair on top of head solutions

I will rate the natural and paid solutions below. From many years of experience dealing with this problem and finally solving it! I have had to live with my baldness for many years and I actualy started balding at age 19. Yes, I was one of the unlucky 25% in the world who start balding and having thinning hair issues this young.

So by age 35 I was looking like a senior citizen, my hair was almost gone. I had given up!

It seemed useless to try anything, and worse of all I was still dating at the time before I met my wife Jennifer. Now I am a little something of a ladies man so my personality and “game” compensated a little. But like clockwork, every woman I sat across the table from in a restaurant or bar ALWAYS made a comment. BAD SIGN guys when women do this. Of course there are some women who like that but they are pretty rare!


Want INSTANT Results?



So this guy obviously found what worked for him and it gets instant results. But of course its not free.

Also a big problem for us Men is the embarrassment of having to walking into a Chemist/Pharmacy and ask the clerk for a balding hair solution product. I personally find this very awkward. But my prayers were answered when I discovered AMAZON was selling them cheaply and straight to my apartment. I haven’t looked back since!

The Product this guy is reviewing is called TOPPIK. Strange name right? But I was happy that it just did the job. I love Youtubers who are honest and show us their results.

We actually showed you guys a comparison of this product TOPPIK and CABOKI in a Review here.

Ok so how about a longer-term approach to dealing with our thinning Hair as Men? Well, we need a holistic varied approach.


Longer Term Results (and better)

solution to thinning hair loss

Shampoos will play a big role and also tablets.

So we Reviewd this Ultrax Labs HAIR SURGE shampoo in one of our articles and its fantastic. It also is available on AMAZON right now.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge will do the business but of course because it works it does cost more than your average Shampoo.


Check here for best price on Amazon.com


We also can’t forget the FREE ALTERNATIVES TO RE-GROWING your hair. This is from wikiHow and is a basic foundation of how to encourage hair folic growth for free.






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