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About Lavividhair

LaVivid is committed to delivering the best non-surgical solutions to men who are experiencing hair loss. We provide premium quality men’s hair replacement systems for competitive prices. Each hair piece is individually handcrafted and designed with your needs in mind. Here at LaVivid the customer comes first, and we strive to make every customer’s hair loss journey a little bit easier.


A professional and experienced hairstylist can make a hair system look natural and just like your own hair. However, it might not be easy for you to find a local salon to get the hair system applied and styled properly. So, at LaVivid, we are colloabrating with salons and hairstylists and we provide hair system trainings to help more salons to efficiently get trained on how to implement the hair system including consultation, measurement, ordering, fitting/installation, and cutting. We hope this can make it easier for you to find an experienced hairstylist to get your hair fitted.

Hair loss can make you feel hopeless and frustrated. LaVivid totally understands. We stand beside you and fight with you to help you feel confident again. With our prime quality hair systems, professional expert assistance, hassle-free after sale service, we are committed to make your hair restoration journey as easy as possible.