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Hair System – Human Hair

When designing your hair system, there is a choice of human or synthetic hair. Although synthetic hair is appropriate in some situations (such as gray hair), human hair is the most common choice for hair replacement systems. Particularly if your hair system blends with your growing hair, human hair will provide the most natural appearance. Human hair is available from various different sources. It undergoes multiple stages of processing in order to meet the specifications in your order. Hair sources … Continue reading “Hair System – Human Hair”

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Best adhesive remover for .03 thin skin/poly bases?

Hairpieces play a significant role to create the desired hair look whether you have thin or short hair. When you find the perfect hairpieces that you like to wear, it becomes difficult to handle them, just like how to repair them and maintain them. Remember, whether you use tape, glue or hair clips, you must follow the hair system repairing and maintaining tips. Especially when you remove hairpieces, sometimes Some glue or tape residue is left on both the person’s … Continue reading “Best adhesive remover for .03 thin skin/poly bases?”

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The Cost of Male Toupee

Hair loss or hair thinning are now becoming a common problem. According to recent stats, men have to go through balding and hair loss even more than women, which calls for better alternatives. Wigs make wonderful non-surgical and affordable hair units; however, the wigs provide full coverage and feel heavier for those who suffer from partial hair loss above the crown. Hair unit manufacturers introduced a toupee for medium to light coverage just above the receding hairline and temples. What … Continue reading “The Cost of Male Toupee”