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Is Human Remy hair better than Synthetic hair when making men’s hair systems?

Hair systems are becoming a more common alternative for guys who are battling hair loss in the modern environment. In order to restore hair without surgery, a hair system attaches hair to a base material that is subsequently fastened to the scalp. Human hair or synthetic hair can both be used to create hair systems. When creating men’s hair systems, the topic of whether human Remy hair is superior to synthetic hair emerges. In this essay, we will examine the distinctions … Continue reading “Is Human Remy hair better than Synthetic hair when making men’s hair systems?”

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What’s a hairpiece

A hairpiece, also known as a wig or toupee, is a covering made of artificial or human hair that is worn to change the appearance of a person’s hair. Hairpieces can be used to add length, volume, and fullness to a person’s hair, as well as to cover up hair loss, bald spots, or thinning hair. The LAvivid hair system provides you with the best quality hair hairpiece so you can visit and get the best facilities from their experienced hair … Continue reading “What’s a hairpiece”

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Hair System Tape Overview

You want your hair system to be secure in place so you can live your life comfortably and confidently. During summer activities such as swimming, outdoor activities, and working out, you want the hair system to stay securely on the head. Understandably, one might be concerned that their hair system (toupee, wig, or hair extensions) will detach while swimming and float in the water! Hair system tape or glue, which are adhesives that will attach to the hair system and scalp … Continue reading “Hair System Tape Overview”

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Are Men’s Hair Systems Worth It

Men’s hair systems are, without question, the best “treatment” for baldness. No surgeries, health risks, or other issues are involved. They are totally reversible if you don’t like what you see and completely styleable, which is vital for decisions like this for most individuals. However, the main query while thinking about hair systems for men or women is a straightforward one: Is it worth it? What Types of Hair Systems Are Available Let’s begin with the fundamentals. There are several … Continue reading “Are Men’s Hair Systems Worth It”

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Begin Your New Year with a Fresh and Attractive Hair colour

People often change their hair colour to bring freshness to their monotonous routine lives.  While going for colours closer to your natural hair is a safe and easy pick, trying out different colours to change your appearance is too appealing to pass off if you are adventurous. If you are not looking to attract attention, it is better to use the safer option.   It may be a drastic change because it affects how a person is perceived, but the … Continue reading “Begin Your New Year with a Fresh and Attractive Hair colour”

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Human Hair Men’s Toupee

Men’s toupees, hair wigs, and hair systems all are trending in the market. Most men wear hair toupees to cover their hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness problems. But nowadays, men are also wearing it as a trend. In the market, there is a huge variety of men’s toupees. With the increasing demand for hair toupees, brands are coming up with the latest and modern hair toupees. These toupees can be used to cover hair problems as well as a … Continue reading “Human Hair Men’s Toupee”

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Lace Front Wigs- The Ultimate Wigs for Men

  Hair is one of the essential features for both men and women. But for men, hair is more important feature through which they feel confident about themselves. You will see men always keeping their hair correctly, styling them with the right products and whatnot to keep them healthy. Sometimes, different factors can affect health conditions. Genes, environmental pollution, health problems, medication, and so many things affect hair’s health. If you are also facing hair thinning and hair fall, and … Continue reading “Lace Front Wigs- The Ultimate Wigs for Men”

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Basic Hairstyle Guidelines

This guide explains what to consider when choosing a hairstyle, and how certain factors — such as your lifestyle and personal preferences — come into play when making these decisions. There are many variables to consider when determining a hairstyle for your hair system, but keep in mind that our hair replacement consultants are always standing by to help. Know the inherent limitations When you choose an image of a hairstyle you like in LaVivid, we can cut and blend … Continue reading “Basic Hairstyle Guidelines”

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Hair System – Human Hair

When designing your hair system, there is a choice of human or synthetic hair. Although synthetic hair is appropriate in some situations (such as gray hair), human hair is the most common choice for hair replacement systems. Particularly if your hair system blends with your growing hair, human hair will provide the most natural appearance. Human hair is available from various different sources. It undergoes multiple stages of processing in order to meet the specifications in your order. Hair sources … Continue reading “Hair System – Human Hair”

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Swimming in Your Hair System

When you’re new to hair replacement, it’s common to wonder if you can swim in a bonded hair system. Yes, you can still swim in your hair system, but it’s important to follow these simple preventative measures before getting in the water so you don’t damage your hair. If you swim frequently, we strongly advise you to wear a swim cap. Be sure your bond has completely cured before swimming After bonding, wait at least 24 hours for the bond … Continue reading “Swimming in Your Hair System”