Best Hair Replacement Systems for Women

Hair replacement systems for women are adequate conditions for women who experience hair loss. The natural process of aging may exacerbate hair loss. Hair loss and thinning of the hair may be inherited, as can baldness in general. Having a full head of hair is a desire for everyone, regardless of the reason for hair loss. For women with thinning hair, the Lavividhair replacement systems provide a long-term answer to the problem. Women with thinning hair may choose from various pre-made and custom-made hair systems, each with its own set of features. As a result, Lavividhair women’s hair replacement systems are developed just for you. One way to get this inconspicuous and natural effect is by employing a variety of base materials.

Types of Hair Replacement system for Women

We offer the following options for hair replacement for women.

Additions to hair with Cold Fusion

Our “Cold Fusion” Hair Additions, which are made of 100 percent human hair, are fantastic for women who simply want to increase the volume and richness of their hair. They are made to match your hair color and length preferences as well as texture, and they’re secured in place without the need for uncomfortable clips that might damage your natural hair. Customers wishing to lengthen their hair may get our Cold Fusion Hair Extensions in lengths up to 28 inches.

Strands of Greater Volume

Adding a bit more hair to the crown and sides has never been easier than with this technique. A fixed or semi-fixed attachment configuration is available for this hair system, making it ideal for people new to hair replacement and want something simple to get started with. The majority of these devices are small, light, and seem pretty normal when used.

Including Hair in the Mix

Women’s hair replacement systems are ventilated and feature a hairnet-like base material design. Women experiencing diffuse hair loss will like this product since it was created with them specifically in mind. By squeezing their natural hair through the mesh’s base, it will help them grow new hair. These hair systems are popular since they thicken your natural hair while also hiding any bald spots on your scalp that may be present.

Hair Replacement Systems for Medical Use

Alopecia areata, or chemotherapy-induced hair loss in women with severe circumstances, is an everyday use for this medication. You may style, color, and create this sort of female hair replacement, which is often referred to as full extensions, to conceal a hair loss scale or any size, as well as different locations of female hair loss.


Every day, we get cards from our customers praising our outstanding stylists. Daily, we are helping women in Birmingham and all around the UK rediscover their true selves. With our female hair loss specialist Annie, we are happy to be on the cutting edge of understanding women’s hair loss.

As a woman dealing with hair loss, we understand the embarrassment and stress it causes. Does it matter whether you wear your hair down or up? Do you cover it up with a bandana or clips? To leave home and feel like your authentic self might be a challenge every day.

Losing your hair may make you feel worthless, so it is not about vanity. All of that is about to change because to us. We are here to help you feel like the confident, powerful woman you are, one who does not have to be concerned about balding.

A Hair Replacement System That Is Perfect for Your Needs

The type of coverage provided by hair replacement systems categorizes the systems. Most of the time, there are five distinct types of categories:

Hair Extensions for the Crown of the Head

As its name suggests, top-of-Head hair systems focus on providing cover at the very top of the head. They are typically oval or spherical, with dimensions ranging from 4 inches by 6 inches to 8 inches by 10 inches. French lace, skin graft, or fine mono mesh (FMM) are all common materials used in this hair system. Fine mono mesh is long lasting, easy to attach with glue or tape, and may be used with a wide range of hairline-compatible materials. The main drawback of FMM is that, depending on your hair density, it may be apparent. The lighter your hair, the easier it will be to detect the FMM. The reduced weight and greater transparency of French lace make it a superior material. The frontal hairline and the remainder of the hair system are completely undetectable because of the single layer of breathable material that makes up the hair system. It’s most suited to hair with a lower density, as previously stated. The last step is a skin transplant. Bases for skin transplant systems are made of a single layer of polyurethane that may be either thin or extremely thick. As the skin becomes thicker, so does the hair density.

3/4″ Wigs and Hairpieces for Women

Suppose you want a little more coverage than a top-of-head hair system can offer but do not want a complete wig just yet. The 3/4″ wig is perfect for your needs. The 3/4 is the part of the hairstyle on the back of the head that goes about halfway down. Fine mono mesh or french lace is often used as the foundation material.

Wigs are available in various lengths.

A full wig, on the other hand, will provide you with a complete head covering. The material selections for full wigs are the same as 3/4 cap wigs, which cover your whole scalp. So, you may connect them using any of the three methods listed above to your scalp. You get to make the decision.

Integrity principles are at the core.

Although this approach addresses a different problem, integration bases may also cover the top of the skull. People with thinning hair may turn to integrated bases instead of relying on top-of-the-head systems to conceal bald areas. They do a great job of hiding thinning hair while also adding more hair to give the appearance of fuller, longer hair.

Adding hair to one’s hair

Even though hair extensions are a whole other species, they provide some highly intriguing possibilities, including the following: Want to make your hair seem longer. Yes, of course. Adding more thickness or density could be a good idea. There is no need to be concerned. Looking for a fast and easy way to switch up your style? You are free to give up searching now. In terms of advantages, hair extensions stand out due to their convenience and adaptability. You may instantaneously alter your appearance and wear them for a short period, such as a few hours, or for as long as a few months.

Final Thought

Women’s non-surgical hair replacement methods from Lavividhair are used for hair replacement. You might choose for an appearance that closely resembles your natural hair or for something completely different. Women’s hair replacement systems outperform traditional wigs, which may be cumbersome and need removal at night. A full head of hair may restore your self-esteem thanks to hair restoration methods.

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