Why Can’t You Refuse Prometheus Silk Toupee?

After watching many videos on TikTok, we have to admit that there is a big difference that seems like magic before and after using wigs. A dense hair, a unique hairstyle can greatly improve your physical appearance. 

In Lavivid hair, whether you are bald or perplexed about alopecia, you can always find a suitable toupee. The remaining section of this article will introduce Prometheus Hair Pieces for Bald Men.

The Tendency of Fashion:

As regards toupee, it not only plays a role in the function but also fashion. That is to say, toupee is also a fashion item and serves as leisure and beautification as ReportLinker says. 

(1) Minimalist look:

Just like the motto by Occam says: “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”. In daily life, a simple hairstyle also tends to leave a being well-groomed impression. In 2021, men and women all chase the wig that is lightweight, flexible, and thin. As for Prometheus, there is no doubt it belongs to this category.

(2) Tousled elegance:

Tousle and elegance, people, who are at first glance, may confuse that are they two contradictory words? For this question, the answer is No. These two terms reflect the young man’s need-chic but not complex. When seeing silk base toupee in Lavivid, the undone and middle part hairstyle just shows the temperament in the wearer: rough and exquisite.

(3) Curtain bangs:

The fashion footstep seems to be cyclic, toupee with bang comes back. Versatile, wispy bangs can make you mature, successful, or sagacious, which are dependent on your mood. Looking at Prometheus, just like the name implies, this wig thoroughly expresses the feature of fashion trends.

(4) Handmade wigs:

Referring to handmade, it reminds us that this item is fabulous, glorious, and luxurious. Except for these feelings, the handmade toupee is more natural, comfortable, and lightweight. For Prometheus, the manufacturer uses a silk base which is 100% handmade craftwork. To be more specific, each hair is stitched in the base by hand. The whole procedure will waste much of time and at least the last three days.

(5) Soft highlights:

In the wig field, soft highlights on the dark hair are super fashionable. Considering this trend, Lavivid uses 100% Remy hair to dye. Seeing Prometheus on the Lavivid website, you will find the hair is light yellow.

The Review of Customer:

David says: “I have been bald since I was 28 years old and it bothers me for a long time until I wear wigs from Lavivid. I love this hair system with the kind of very the textured look and this works for me.So I want to say that people like me need to get their hair done.. It don’t make a man less them l than a man for grooming and enhancing his looks.”

Ed said: “This is my first silk base unit with LaViVid, and my 2nd Hairsystem. I ordered this pre-cut and arrived in 4 business days. The hairpiece is amazing. Very breathable, very realistic, and the hair is SOOOO SOFT!!! I can’t stop touching my hair! I LOVE IT! LaViVivids line is top notch! Money well spent! From their customer service to their products, everything is word-class. I have a custom unit being made, and I can’t wait for that to arrive.”

Even though knowing nothing about Lavivid wigs, the high-rate review can ensure the quality of wigs.


Hurry! If you like it. The high-quality customer service in Lavivid promises their toupee is worth and not to be no avail.

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