Everything you need to know about Toupee – A Detailed Guide

There are many men in the world who are facing hair fall issues. It can happen due to genetics, health problems or generally, some hair starts to fall early. So those men can sometimes have low confidence about their appearance. So for those men, wigs and toupees are being introduced. It helps men look good without getting any invasive procedure, and men can feel confident and good about themselves.

So if you are searching for some amazing toupees and hairpieces that can make you feel more good about yourself, then this article is perfect for you? Let’s have a detailed look at the introduction of toupees and the different types of hairpieces that are available.

What are Toupees:

Toupees are not like your regular wigs; instead, toupees are a special hairpiece that is made for a specific bald spot. Toupees are partial wigs that cover half of your head instead of wigs that cover the complete head.

Most men face hair loss from the top section or the crown of the head, so toupees are made for this. These hairpieces are made to cover the partial badness so that men can feel better about themselves.

Best Toupees for Men:

If you are looking for the best men toupees and hairpieces, you can visit the lavividhair website. They have some premium quality toupees for men that are made with the best quality of material and manufactured to perfection.

So following are some of the best toupees from the lavividhair website that you will like and want to get for yourself.

  • Oscar Black Hair Toupee for Men:

Are your hair naturally curly, and you are looking for a wig that has the same afro look? Then Oscar Black Hair Toupee for Men is the best option for you. This toupee is made up of pure Indian Remy Human Hair, and these hairs are of the finest quality that is durable and heat resistant. This hairpiece has 12mm rod curls that give this voluminous look and provide an afro look.

Furthermore, this wig is made with three bases which include French lace in the front. This French lace gives the toupee a very natural hairline so that it looks authentic and not like you are wearing a hairpiece. Other than that, it also has a base made up of both Lace and Poly material. These two things allow easy wear of the toupee and also make it comfortable to wear. Therefore, Oscar is a toupee with many qualities and a perfect curly toupee.

  • Hades Hair Unit for Men:

Another great toupee option for men is Hades Hair Unit for Men. This hair toupee is one of the strongest and durable pieces that you will find in the collection. Hades is made up of German Lace, and this lace is a tough and heavy-duty lace that allows the movement of air. Therefore, it is comfortable and lightweight.

The Hades toupee is made with such perfection that the front knots of this toupee are bleached to blend in with the natural hair. It makes a seamless and unnoticeable hairline. This toupee is also made with 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, which has a hair density of about 120%. This wig contains slight waves that are done with 30 mm rod size to provide a lot of volume and fullness to the toupee.

So this is also a great option for men who work the whole day and want something comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Lapetus Men’s Hair Piece:

Lapetus Men’s Hair Piece is another toupee that is available in the lavividhair collection. This hairpiece is perfect for people who work out a lot or sweat a lot as this hairpiece is incredibly lightweight and breathable. So this prevents the person from sweating under the toupee.

The Lapetus Men’s Hair Piece is made with fine monofilament in the center. This monofilament is very strong and durable, which is why this toupee is so breathable. Other than that, it also has a poly coating around the sides of the perimeters and also contains French lace in the front to give a natural hairline.

This toupee also has Indian Remy Human Hair, and the styling of this wig is with straight hair. Therefore, Lapetus is great for people who have thick and luscious hair as this toupee itself has thick and straight hair.  

  • Harry Lace Hair System for Men:

Harry Lace Har System for Men is the only toupee in the lavivid collection with an “A” contoured hairline. It means that this toupee will look extremely realistic and natural when you will wear it. In addition, this toupee is made in such a way that it can be cut so that it can fit your head size. The base or the cap of this toupee is made up of French Lace, and poly is used on the sides as well as the back of this toupee.

This wig is also extremely comfortable and effortless to wear. You won’t feel uncomfortable or heavy when you wear it, which shows that it is a lightweight and airy toupee. This toupee is available in 2 colors; one of them is chestnut brown, and the other color is the lightest brown. You can pick either one of them which fits best to your perfection. This wig has the slightest waves to give it texture and to add fullness to it.

  • Zeus Frontal Hairpiece for Men:

The Zeus Frontal Hairpiece for Men is perfect for people with a receding hairline and facing hair loss only at the front of the hair. This hairpiece is made with such perfection that it sits very well on the hairline and covers it naturally that it does not look like you are wearing a toupee.

There are two options available in the toupee; one is the forward direction of the hair, and the other is the backward direction of the hair. If you want to cover your forehead extra and want hair in the front, then choose the forward direction, but if you want a sleek look, then choose the backward direction of the hair.


Lavividhair provides the finest quality toupees at the most affordable prices. Plenty of different styles and colors are available in toupees so that you can find the best one according to your preference. So now you don’t have to be stressed about the receding hairline or bald spots as the toupees offered by lavividhair are there to save your life and help you rebuild your confidence.

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