How To Use Ghost Bond Glue

While choosing an adhesive product, we know that you want as much information as possible. While research and experiment have been found to be helpful for many in determining the ideal outcome for their skin type, hair system style, and personal preference, knowing exact details might assist you in making a decision.

A popular hair adhesive substitute is ghost bond. Ghost Bond is an undetectable bonding adhesive that may be used on both poly and lace systems without causing damage. Customers prefer this adhesive product because it protects against excessive moisture and sweat. Also, ghost bond glue has a higher melting point than ordinary wig adhesive solutions. No matter how hot the weather is, this keeps the hair cool.

Furthermore, ghost bond adhesive provides an excellent option for maintaining your comfort and allowing your thoughts to slumber happily rather than fretting about when a hairpiece falls off your head.

Why should you use ghost bond glue?

To begin with, this most recent hair glue is known for its high humidity formula, excessive sweating, and oily scalps. All of these elements work together to provide users with the most secure grasp and the best performance imaginable.

Ghost bond has been the love of people’s life recently because it can withstand higher temperatures than other adhesive solutions. Furthermore, its waterproof function allows users to maintain their devices for a long time, even in adverse weather situations. This innovative adhesive solution absorbs light, prevents reflection, and takes fewer materials to get a perfect hold that no one will notice.

Similarly, ghost bond glue contains no hazardous ingredients and is completely safe for natural skin. You can have four to five weeks of consistent hold time with a revitalizing solution.

Due to the chemicals that attach to their hair system, some people discover that adhesives trigger skin flare-ups on their sensitive scalp, resulting in a rash or acne. The best part about this glue is that it lacks toxicity, making it the finest choice for even the most sensitive scalp.

The Ghost bond glue adhesive is researched, manufactured, and tested to assure reliability and durability. After learning how to use it, you should know how long ghost bond hair adhesive can hold your hair extension. Ghost bond hair bond comes in two styles: traditional and platinum, both of which provide long-lasting bonding. The application of ghost bond classic or platinum is the same.

How to apply the ghost bond glue?

For the best results, Ghost Bond demands that you execute its application guidelines. Several clients with hair systems had told us that their outcomes were not what they anticipated when they rushed the process and didn’t precisely follow the guidelines. Following are the steps to apply the ghost bond glue.

  • Carefully trim the lace back to the hairline first. Place the wig on the head to get a smooth and natural effect.
  • Clean the face and the region around the hairline’s perimeter. Before putting any glue, it’s a good idea to use the Scalp Protector to keep the scalp dry. To prevent any possible hazards or allergies, perform a patch test before applying the ghost bond to your whole hairpiece.
  • Never apply the ghost bond adhesive solution directly on the hairline! Apply a small layer and allow to dry until sticky. After that, apply the second coat and place the hairpiece in place. If feasible, use a hair blow dryer to keep everything secure and tidy. Make careful to utilize it when the weather is cold. The use of thick coatings is not recommended. Apply a tiny layer to the base if you’re bonding a skin unit. Always finish this step before putting a ghost bond on the scalp.
  • Apply four thin coats to the head, ensuring that each application has an equal amount of adhesive. Allow 20 seconds between coats for each to dry and become transparent.
  • Wait around 5 minutes for the ghost bond to fully adhere and press the hair system into position once the fourth layer is completed.

The majority of our customers have found that their Ghost Bond glue lasts for 2-3 weeks. This may vary if there is a lot of humidity or perspiration, but the durability and wear time significantly outweigh the competition. To guarantee the best possible adhesion, allow a total of 24 hours for the product to thoroughly dry before shampooing or wetting your hair.

Things to remember!

Before using the glue, always cleanse, trim, and properly prepare the scalp. Use only thin layers of ghost bond adhesive. If you’re working with a brush, make sure to apply in both horizontal and vertical directions. Remember to use many thin coats if you wish to utilize additional adhesive. However, before applying the second coat, ensure sure the preceding coat is completely dry.

When connecting a polyurethane system, use a comparable coat on the scalp as well as the system to get the greatest results. The key point to remember is that the ghost bond adhesive must completely cure before installing the hairpiece.

Keep in mind that if you apply a layer on top of a wet layer, the glue will not dry and will show through as white. Thanks to its water-based copolymer composition, ghost Bond has a moderate texture akin to white glue. It’s not watery, straggly, or too sticky. Because it avoids your actual hair system from having a lot of substance put directly to it, it requires less cleanup.


So, here’s everything you need to know about the ghost bond: it’s simple to use and comes with a variety of qualities that make it a great choice for our customers.

Because of the range of features and good performance, ghost bond has attracted a lot of attention from wig enthusiasts too. All our customers have to do is carefully follow the steps outlined above, and they will have a stunning and seamless appearance in no time.

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