Are All Hair Systems Easily Detectable When Touched?

Hair loss is becoming more common day by day. Some people suffer it due to stress, medical conditions, or old age. No matter the source, anyone who suffers from hair loss starts to lose their confidence as well. The hair is a prominent feature of your personality, you should not be ashamed of it in any form. Thanks to the advanced technology and equipment, you can easily cover up this flaw with temporary or permanent solutions like hair systems or wigs.

However, choosing a hair system that perfectly fits your head and is undetectable can be a tough decision. Still, you don’t have to worry about it because we will tell you all about hair systems and how you can make your hair systems completely undetectable.

What Are Hair Systems?

Many people confuse hair systems with wigs; although they are quite similar, many differences set them apart. A hair systems or toupee is a synthetic or human hair wig made with different bases like polymer, skin, lace, or mono. It can be attached to the head with glue, tape, or any other suitable adhesive.

A hair system/toupee is the perfect non-surgical hair replacement solution for both men and women. It is available in different styles and colors at UniWigs to suit your personality. Hair systems can last for about 2-8 months, depending on their use, care, and material of it.

Different Types of Hair Systems and How Detectable Are They?

Even though most people think that the hair systems can be easily detected, it is not valid. Hair systems can be styled differently and according to the person’s requirements. This decides if the hair system is detectable or not. However, with advanced technology, most hair systems that are made with good quality material are pretty much undetectable. Additionally, who wants to show their hair systems or toupee at all?

Let’s take a look at all the different types of hair systems/toupees and see how detectable they are.

Lace Hair Systems

Lace hair systems are the most durable and common type of hair systems. They combine with other bases as well to provide you with the most natural-looking hair systems. If you want an undetectable hair system that lasts longer, then you can easily opt for Swiss lace because it is lighter than other bases making it the least detectable lace hair systems.

Mono Hair Systems

Mono hair systems are not as popular as other hair systems because you cannot adjust them easily according to your head. Although Mono hair systems can be completely undetectable, most styles are front-faced and hide the hairline completely. Mono hair systems combine with different bases to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Skin Hair Systems

When searching for undetectable hair systems, most people decide to buy skin hair systems. Where the skin hair systems are the lightest and most breathable hair systems, they are not quite durable. These hair systems are quite undetectable because they are extremely thin. Since  they are thin, you have to change them regularly beacause they wear off easily.

Silk Hair Systems

Silk hair systems are thicker than other hair systems, but they are made with extreme care to create a more natural-looking hair system that gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp. The silk hair systems are quite undetectable if you wear your hair down.

Since hair systems have evolved quite a lot over time, almost all of the above-listed hair systems are undetectable. Make sure to wear the hair systems correctly and choose the right size according to your head.

Which hair system is the least detectable?

Although if you are still confused and can’t decide on a hair system that is completely undetectable. Make sure to buy a skin hair system. A skin hair systems is not as durable as other hair systems, but they surely are undetectable. They blend completely with the skin of your head and makes it impossible to be seen.

Since skin hair systems are super thin and breathable, it is undetectable to touch as well. You can barely feel the difference between your skin and the hair system’s base when wearing a skin hair system/toupee.

How to Make a Hair System Undetectable?

It is extremely important for a person to feel comfortable in what they wear, whether it is clothes or a hair system. As mentioned before, most good-quality hair systems are undetectable.

However, you won’t feel confident unless you are comfortable. So, if you want to feel more confident wearing hair systems or toupees, then make sure to follow these tips. You can make your hair systems undetectable to anyone.

  1. Fix your hair systems with glue rather than with tape or any clip because glue sticks to your skin and base flatly. It makes the hair systems almost undetectable.
  2. Go to a hair replacement specialist to get your hair systems A professional can place your hair systems perfectly by cutting it according to your style.
  3. Buy hair systems from a trusted brand like LaVivid hair. You can buy the best quality, most natural-looking, and most durable hair systems or toupee.
  4. Style your hair systems with a front-facing or dropped hairstyle to make your hairline undetectable. It will help you achieve a more natural look.
  5. Choose the right sized toupee/ hair systems in order to get a more sophisticated and finished look with the hair systems.

Final words

No one is comfortable wearing hair systems that are easily detectable, and everyone tries their best to hide it. Whether you are someone who has been wearing hair systems for a long time or you just started wearing them. I hope this article helped you to choose an undetectable hair system. The quality of the hair systems also matters in this perspective, and it is extremely important to invest in the best quality hair systems. So, make sure to buy hair systems/toupees from LaVivid hair. They have a wide range of different hairpieces.

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