The Cost of Male Toupee

Hair loss or hair thinning are now becoming a common problem. According to recent stats, men have to go through balding and hair loss even more than women, which calls for better alternatives.

Wigs make wonderful non-surgical and affordable hair units; however, the wigs provide full coverage and feel heavier for those who suffer from partial hair loss above the crown. Hair unit manufacturers introduced a toupee for medium to light coverage just above the receding hairline and temples.

What Is Male Toupee?

Toupee is a hairpiece to cover hair loss, balding, or partial hair thinning. It does not cover the entire head, unlike a wig which provides full coverage. The toupee hair blends smoothly with the wearer’s natural hair, creating an illusion of a head with naturally thicker hair.

The base of a toupee is made with full lace fabric or monofilament fabric to provide a comfortable experience. It neither feels heavy against the scalp nor damages the scalp or natural hair.

Benefits of Male Toupee

  • Lightweight

Since the diameter of a toupee is less than that of a full wig, the weight of a toupee is also extremely light. Some toupees are lights as air, and the wearer often forgets to wear one during the day. Toupee is the perfect choice for those who have hectic routines and do not want to wear a heavy piece that could give them a headache.

  • Medium coverage

For low to medium coverage, toupee is the best choice. To wear full wigs, you need to cover your natural hair under the wig; otherwise, the wig would not fix properly. Wearing a toupee does not require one to cover natural hair. Just select a toupee according to your natural hair color and texture, and you are good to go.

  • Low Cost

The diameter of a hairpiece is directly proportional to its cost. The large size of the wig’s base means a heavy price, while the smaller base of the toupee means low cost. In case of partial hair loss, a toupee is a more cost-effective solution.

  • Do not irritate the scalp.

The base of the toupee is designed with the softest material to help people get a comfortable experience. Toupee protects the scalp and natural hair from UV rays and harsh winds. People with medical problems, sensitive scalp, and male pattern baldness can wear the toupee without worrying about skin irritation or scalp damage.

Cost of a Male Toupee

Before toupees were introduced, men did not really have a lot of options to hide or cover hair loss effectively. Surgical hair transplants are out of the reach for many due to their skyrocketing costs, so medication is the only option left.

Many men used to take hair regrowth medications for a long time before the hair started to grow back since hair regrowth medications are not fast-acting. Besides slow results, medications also have other side effects like bloating, vomiting, disturbed guts, and diarrhea. Therefore, an invention was necessary for men to help them hide hair loss in a more sophisticated manner.

Toupees revolutionized hair fashion for men. Now they can also enjoy an affordable, non-surgical, and instant hair replacement solution. The cost of a toupee varies greatly with the material and fabric utilized during its stitching. The average cost of a male toupee lies between $100 to $500.

A major factor behind the cost of a hairpiece is the size of the base cap. A bigger base area means more hand-tied knots, which increases the cost. If the toupee is entirely hand-made and the hair strands have been tied manually with the help of the knot technique, the price is going to be at the higher end. Machine-sewn toupees are relatively cheaper.

If the hair strands are synthetic, the price would be lower. Toupees made with human hair strands are slightly more expensive.

Where to find Best Male Toupee

Lavivid makes the best male toupees. Our designers make stylish and decent customized male toupees according to your temple size, original hair color, and natural hair texture. Just send us a sample of your natural hair, and we will craft a sophisticated toupee for you.

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