Best Hair Replacement System for Men

Male toupees or hair replacement systems for men come in a huge variety. From skin-like base to monofilament toupee and synthetic fiber hair to virgin Remy human hair, there are so many options to have your pick however, versatility does not always come with clarity rather confusion.

Which human replacement hair system is the best?

While there is no one-word answer to this dilemma, there is a thumb rule to find the one that is best for you- it’s called the one that suits your requirements.

A hair system that partially covers hair loss would not benefit someone who needs full coverage. Similarly, a full coverage wig if not useless is less ideal for someone who needs just a human hair toupee to cover partial hair thinning.

Purchasing a hair replacement system calls for an informed decision that only comes with greater awareness, therefore, spare some minutes and give this blog a thorough read to know your options.

Let’s explore several hair replacement systems to find out which one suits you best.

Hair Replacement Systems for Men


Wigs are artificial hairpieces that provide medium to full coverage and are ideal for those who suffer from progressive or advanced balding. Wig covers the entire portion of your crown along with hairlines, hiding the baldness. It’s like having another bed of hair.

Synthetic hair wigs have hair fiber made with plastic polymer whereas human hair wigs are constructed with natural Remy hair.

Synthetic wigs are common for theatrical purposes and are comparatively cheaper while human hair wigs though expensive provide a more than natural look to the wearer and are ideal for those who need to wear a wig daily.

Lace Hair System

Lace hair systems refer to the wigs or toupees that have a French lace base. The base of a lace hair system is airy and breathable therefore, suits best those who live in a humid climate or have to wear the hair system daily and have a strict routine.

Lace hair systems come in various sizes. From wig to half wigs and toupees, depending upon the coverage you need.

Skin Hair System

Skin hair systems have an ultra-thin skin base that provides a realistic look and natural hairline. The base is constructed with thin skin-like material that comfortably rests against your scalp.

With a skin base hair replacement system, you may often forget you are wearing something additional above the crown.  

Mono Hair Systems

With skin around the perimeter and sides, monofilament hair systems are stronger and more durable than lace or skin base hair systems. Usually, the hair to a monofilament base is hand-tied to prevent knots and to imitate natural hairline therefore it looks even more realistic.

Invest in a monofilament hair system if you are looking for an undetectable hairpiece and budget is not an issue for you.

Silk Top Hair Systems

Silk top hair systems are the king of all. Made with the most advanced techniques, these non-surgical hair replacement systems provide a luxurious and elaborative experience to the wearer.

These hair systems are best for those who prefer quality and durability over budget. It adds an ultimate class and sophistication to the wearer’s personality thus, suits best to those who need something classy. Silk top hair systems are not widely available since it’s a relatively newer technique.

Where to Find Best Hair Replacement System for Men

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