Recuperate From Hair Loss And Rejuvenate Your Confidence With A Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Whether you are feeling leftover at the bachelor parties or started considering sitting on the last chair of a hall, dealing with baldness and hair loss can be very unwelcoming for men.

If you’re experiencing hair loss like thousands of men across the world, then you should know that there are myriad solutions that may help. From medical surgeries to non-surgical hair replacements you can actually cover and maintain your hairline perfectly.

Statistics say that 20% of men around the world lose their hair when they reach 35 while 85% of men experience baldness by the age of 50. It becomes devastating to lose hair at the very early stage of your life.

Thanks to innovations in technology like non-surgical hair replacement systems, which have been changing lives and rejuvenating confidence being the perfect solution.

If you’re one of those men who are facing follicle challenges, then the article is for you. Keep reading to know some non-surgical hair replacement systems and find out some best wigs for men which suit flawlessly without giving a fake look.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System For Men

Non-surgical hair replacement systems particularly are toupees or in other words wigs. Unlike synthetic artificial wigs, these toupees hair replacement system comes at myriad qualities and prices.

A hair system is instilled on the scalp of the hair after shaving it properly to provide even and fuller hair. These systems are based on synthetic hair, human hair, or sometimes an amalgamation of both. Hair replacement systems are available in different kinds and materials at our store which are attached differently. The procedures of attaching them may differ from each other as well.

Types of hair replacement systems

Precisely, there are three types of non-surgical hair replacement systems:

  • ●Hair Extension
  • ●Hair weaves
  • ●Hairpiece for men

Base and materials for hair replacement

A number of base materials are used for men hair replacements, some of them are:

Mesh Fabric:

A material containing mesh fabric consists of nylon or polyester which produces a fine hairline. This hair replacement system fabric can be utilized in the whole system to give it a natural undetectable look. It doesn’t create intricacies due to its lightweight and cool effect.

But if you want something that is cost-effective and lasts long, then you may need to choose some other material than the mesh fabric hair system.


These polymers are made from silicone or polyurethane which look like natural skins. Many durable and reliable hair systems are based on polymer fabrics. They are even inexpensive in contrast with mesh fabrics but they can become a bit hot when in contact with body temperatures and may look slightly unnatural.

How are they attached?

It is equally important to make sure that the hair replacement or hairpiece, specially designed for men, is attached carefully. If it’s not, there’s a chance of hair loss in the future. This is because the non-surgical hair replacement system can actually accelerate the causes of hair loss underneath. They are attached as:

  • -Temporary hairpiece
  • -Semi-Permanently
  • -Clip attachments

Temporary hairpiece

These hairpieces are attached with double-sided tape. This is why it is easy to remove and replace anytime when you want. The only drawback of temporarily attached hairpieces on men is they detach easily when you go for a swim or be somewhere where it is hot and easy to sweat.


Hairpieces that are attached semi-permanently to men are subjected to be removed once every week by a specialist. These hairpieces are attached through liquid adhesive which is called fusion or bonding.

Clip attachments

You may have heard about clip hairpiece attachments already, they are fastened to your original hair and are quick and easy to wear and remove.

Places to get the best non-surgical hair replacement system

There is no doubt that Lavivid hair has every solution that a man seeks for his hair loss problem. We produce the best wigs for men and non-surgical hair replacement systems of every kind that include mono hair systems, lace systems, silk hair systems, and skin hair systems along with hair replacement systems salon accessories at much affordable prices.

But how to figure out which system is perfect for you to spend on? Just look at the guides or talk to an expert who would advise you about the products that you should use and look natural on you.

You can also take the advantage of custom-made men’s wigs at the store. Choose a desirable color and material and we will create an amazing custom-made wig that would be flawlessly natural.

You can also choose a wig from a wide range of men’s wig varieties. You just have to:

Select an age-appropriate wig:

Hair often gets thinner when age catches up. Therefore, it is important to use a hairpiece that matches your natural hair color and texture. A thicker hair replacement may provide an unnatural look so it’s suggested to go for a thinner layered hairpiece that correlates with your age.

Adhere to the instructions:

It’s essential that you must take care of your hairpiece either silk, mono, or skin or laced material toupees. Follow the instructions that come with the hairpiece to keep it for a longer period.

It is also important to use the products specially designed for hair replacement systems and adhere to the care instructions that come with them. Failure to stick to the instructions may spoil your toupee and you may not be able to use it in the long run.

Replace your non-surgical hair replacement system frequently

However, the base of the non-surgical hair replacement systems available at Lavivid hair is durable and long-lasting, but everything fades after a certain time.

The base may dwindle after regular use. You may need to replace it after some 6-8 weeks.

Ending Note

The beauty and durability depend on the quality of the non-surgical hair replacement system which Lavivid hair doesn’t compromise.

Get the best quality and modern wigs, toupees, and hair replacement systems from us and flaunt with style.

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