Hair Treatments and Natural Remedies for Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss is not merely about losing hair; it is also about depriving oneself of the confidence and the positiveness that an individual can potentially possess. Men with male-pattern baldness or other hair problems tend to avoid social gatherings and meetings, or it will not be incorrect to say that they are always finding remedies for their hair complications so that they do not find it burdensome to connect with people. Hair loss affects one’s mental state and self-esteem brutally, so it is recommended to look deeply into the factors that are causing hair to fall and begin the journey to overcome hair problems. Hair loss and baldness are among the most common issues caused by stress, consuming a poor diet, iron deficiency, excessive styling, and regular hair dyeing.

Nowadays, people are career-oriented, so they have little time for themselves and a very minute amount for self-care. This causes one’s body to decline at a comparatively young age. Hair loss is one of the indicators of old age or exhausted mechanisms of the body. Of course, everyone wants to have healthy and shiny hair with the maximum volume to it; this is the reason most people are ready to spend on hair products, transplants, non-surgical treatments, hair replacement systems, etc. though not every person can bear such expenses. For people looking for less costly hair loss solutions, it is recommended for them to prefer natural remedies over surgical treatments. Natural treatments may take a good length of time to get rid of the issue, but they are affordable and easily accessible to everyone. Even making some good changes to one’s diet can bring about a huge difference in hair growth.

How to treat Pattern Baldness in men

It is always advisable to visit a trusted dermatologist or trichologist in case of severe hair fall or any kind of hair related problem as specialists can give directions for that specific hair problem, whether it is hair loss or damaged hair but opting for natural ways to treat hair loss has absolutely no side effects and it is always a better option to first try to eliminate the health issue naturally then go for surgical or synthetic treatments. There is much natural treatment for hair loss in men.

Egg mask

You might have observed that wherever hair problems are discussed, there is always an egg involved in the cure of that problem. The reason for this is the nourishment that eggs contain. Eggs are a rich source of zinc, protein, collagen, iodine, and so many other elements which work together to promote hair growth. Eggs help grow hair longer and thicker and bring shine to it and make the hair silky. An egg mask can be prepared at home easily by mixing one egg with one teaspoon each of olive oil and honey. The mixture should be applied to the scalp and tips of the hair for at least 30 mins then should be rinsed off with some organic shampoo using slightly cold water.

Bone broth

You may have never heard of the benefits of bone broth and might be wondering how can consuming bone broth grow hair? The question is genuine, but the answer is simple, it has all the nutrients essential for hair growth. Consuming 2 to 4 cups of bone broth on a daily basis can bring good results. Bone broth is rich in collagen protein which is vital for hair growth. Collagen fights hair damage and provides nourishment. Bone broth also contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids, antioxidants that increase hair density and help reduce hair loss. Furthermore, minerals like zinc, magnesium, and selenium are in ample quantity in bone broth and are essential for hair growth. This is a very well-known natural treatment for hair loss in men.

Onion juice

Onions have antibacterial properties, which means they can fight against scalp infections. The sulfur in onions improves blood circulation and carries oxygen to the hair follicles. The elements in onion juice promote hair growth and can reduce hair loss significantly. Onion juice is made by grinding onions in a mixer then running it through a strainer. Onion juice should be applied directly to the scalp and then rinse off after 20 to 30 minutes using water and shampoo. This should be done weekly for better results.

Inversion method

This technique is another natural treatment for hair loss in men, but it has been used for centuries and is believed to have the ability to boost hair growth or even regrow hair. The inversion method is basically hanging the head upside down while massaging the scalp with essential oils for a maximum of 4 to 5 mins. This increases the blood flow to the scalp and stimulates hair growth. The inversion technique should be repeated daily for a week each month and works best with a healthy diet.

The Best solution for pattern baldness

While all these natural options are incredibly helpful, none of them have instant results or prove to be particularly helpful in the long term. The best solution that is affordable and durable is a hair replacement system. It is a good option for people with pattern baldness and other medical conditions such as chemotherapy.

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