How to Hair Dye Hair System

Everything needs to be maintained just like a hair system. For natural-looking hairlines, you are searching for alternatives to hide hair loss problems and create fresh, natural looks with a hair replacement system.

Why do people use hair dye for their hair system?

Many hair systems wearers wish to dye their hair system for a more natural appearance. Belching can improve hair texture and color and make it appear as if it’s growing out of your scalp. The bleaching is mainly used for a natural hairline appearance and pretends from the hair piece’s base.

The hair system looks natural and flawless after using the matching hair color of your natural hair. They blend with the scalp and give a real look to your hair.

A well-designed hairpiece should be almost impossible to distinguish from a natural look. So, it’s crucial to maintain and care for it properly for longevity.

How Do Hair Systems Dye At Home?

If you want to dye your hair system at home, you should have these essential things before starting the process.

You will need

  • A model head
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gloves
  • A comb
  • A cup or a bowl
  • A sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner
  • Towel
  • Hair color

Before starting your task, you should keep in mind some critical notes.

  • Always prefer a well-lit room for hair dying.
  • Before applying hair color, you must wash and clean your hair system. And if you also air dry entirely, then you will get a perfect and fast result.  
  • Always use high-quality products for hair dying. Low-quality products have lots of chemicals that cause hair damage.
  • Never use a hair dryer or straightener after dyeing the color. Your hair becomes sensitive, and heating can damage your hair.


After preparing your hair system for dye, take an aluminum foil, cut it out and mold it to the shape of the styrofoam head. This helps protect your hair system, and you can use it again for further hair dye applications.

So, put a hair system on the styrofoam head; secure your hair system.

Step 2:

Before selecting a hair color, you must know your hair material and texture, which hair dye applies easily because natural hair takes up colors quickly compared to artificial hairs. So, before buying hair dye, you must choose one to two colors lighter than your desired looks.  

Step 3:

Now put on your gloves first and prevent your hands from staining. Now mix the color well in the bowl or cup, which is readily available.

Step 4:

Hold a metal comb for handling hair parts and remove all. Possible tangle from hairs. Now start from the top of the piece and work down. This step is a little bit messy so keep your hands safe with gloves.

Keep in mind the color doesn’t touch the base of the hair system. So Take care to apply the dye to the hair only.

Step 5:

Leave this for a few minutes. It will take more time than natural hair. It also depends on the hair dye which you are using. You have to wait for a few minutes, approx 30-45 minutes. You can check out some parts of your hair if it is done or not. Otherwise, you can see the timing on the color products they have mentioned as a proper method of application in their products. How to use color and how much time is required for this.

Step 6:

Now remove from the styro head and wash it thoroughly. It will be better if you rinse upside down with this method

color will flow through the base first to avoid getting any dye on it.

Step 7:

After completing the process, we recommend using a conditioner that can help lock up some moisture into the hair and prevent its dryness and frizziness.  

You can use a little shampoo and conditioner for best results. Then Dry the hair system with a towel lightly without rubbing. Leave it for air to dry completely before use. After conditioning, you can now comb into a hair system. And make it adorable, smooth, and stylish.

Here you are all done, so keep in mind to follow all maintenance and care routines properly. We also mentioned some caring tips after hair color application that you should follow.

Styling Tips For Hair Replacements System

Here we are going to mention some styling tips for non – surgical procedures.

  • Don’t use stronghold adhesive for daily use, and it may be difficult to remove and damage the scalp.
  • Use more minor heating elements for hair styling such as straightening, curly, etc. For hair system longevity, you have to avoid heated elements.  
  • Also, to avoid hair dryness, we recommend always using an air-dry method for your hair. It’s natural and safest for your hair.
  • A hair replacement system needs more care and maintenance. If you care more, you will get long-lasting durability and fresh, flawless results.
  • After applying hair bonding or glue for a stronghold, you should leave it for 24 hours for the correct bond. You must avoid swimming, and don’t get heavy exercise, and leave hair dry 24 hours. After 24 hours you can enjoy whatever you want.
  • Avoid heating because it can soften bonds to the hair system.
  • Chlorine can damage your hair so, before swimming, it’s better to use a cap or protection spray which suits you best.

How much longevity does the best hair system offer?

If you follow the proper hair care routine, you can increase longevity. Generally, a well-known brand’s best hair system can last for 2-12 months. But with proper maintenance, this will last for the last 12-16 months.

Can you take a shower with your hair system?

Yes, it’s allowed to take a shower with hair but only once a week. But make sure only to use chemical-free conditioner and shampoo. Otherwise, if you wash your hair many times a week, your color will fade soon.

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