Human Hair Men’s Toupee

Men’s toupees, hair wigs, and hair systems all are trending in the market. Most men wear hair toupees to cover their hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness problems. But nowadays, men are also wearing it as a trend. In the market, there is a huge variety of men’s toupees. With the increasing demand for hair toupees, brands are coming up with the latest and modern hair toupees. These toupees can be used to cover hair problems as well as a trend. Many public figures, actors, and politicians wear hair toupees to cover their hair issues. Some also wear it as a fashion.

Men’s toupees are made of two types of hair. Synthetic and natural human hair. Toupees made of synthetic hair don’t look as natural as human hair. That’s why men are more concerned about hair toupees that are made of human hair.

What is a toupee?

A toupee is a type of hair replacement system that is used to mask the effects of hair problems. A toupee is different from a hair wig. A hair toupee is specifically used to cover a particular place on the head that has signs of hair loss, hair thinning, baldness, etc.

A toupee is designed to mix with natural hair so that overall it looks natural. There is a huge variety of hair toupees in the market. Most people wear it to cover their hair problems. But some are wearing hair toupees to follow a fashion. People who want to change their look without causing harm to their natural hair, go for hair replacement systems hair toupee.

Parts of a hair toupee

A hair toupee is made of two parts. One part consists of hair and the other one is a base to which hair is attached. Hair is made of two types that are synthetic hair and natural human hair. The main natural human hair used are European, Asian, and Indian human hair. Hair toupees which are made of natural human hair look more realistic on the head than toupees which are made of synthetic hair. Almost all hair toupees of natural human hair are handcrafted. That’s why hair toupees made of natural human hair are most preferred by customers.

The second part of a hair toupee is the base system. Hair is attached to the base system. Like hair, the base is also an important part because it has to adhere to the head. Different types of materials are used for the base system. For example, micro base, poly skin base, lace-based hair toupees, etc. A base system of a hair toupee should be designed as when one wears it, it remains undetectable. Thin skin base systems are preferred by customers because thin skin base hair toupees are very lightweight and comfortable.

Benefits of a toupee made of human hair

A toupee made of synthetic hair also has benefits but a toupee that is made of human hair is better than synthetic ones. The following are the benefits of human hair toupee:

  • The main benefit of a human hair toupee is that it gives a more realistic and natural appearance.
  • Human hair toupees can be maintained with ease and comfort.
  • Human hair toupees can be styled like natural hair, even heat styling can be done to them. One can style their human hair toupee with heat appliances without fear of severe damage.
  • Human hair toupees are durable and can be customized easily.
  • The most realistic appearance is achieved with human hair toupees since they feature an imperceptible hairline. It is difficult to tell if a human hair toupee is real because you may anticipate the same natural movement, brightness, and incredibly smooth texture as you would with your natural hair.
  • Human hair toupees are cut and styled easily and these hair toupees can be colored.



Many brands are producing human hair toupees. LaVivid is one of the best hair brands.

It is a brand that produces hair replacement systems. LaVivid produces both synthetic and human hair systems. LaVivid makes premium quality hair systems that include hair toupees, hair wigs, patches, etc. Following are some of the human hair toupees by LaVivid:

  1. Apollo Men’s Toupee: It is one of the most durable mono-hair toupees by LaVivid. It has a mono-skin base in the center while it has a poly-skin base around the perimeter.  It is made of Indian Remy human hair and appears straight. It can be styled according to the choice of the customer. People who are suffering from hair problems and want human hair toupee can choose Apollo men’s toupee.  It fits on the head securely and you can wear it during any activity like swimming, exercising, sleeping, etc. Its life span is 8-12 months.
  2. LaVivid V-looped mirage toupee for men: It is also manufactured by LaVivid and made of human hair. It is a super thin skin base hair toupee that mixes with the scalp skin. It blends with the skin perfectly and seems like natural skin. Its thickness is 0.04-0.06mm and appears as transparent. It has a V-looped ventilation system of a V-loop that gives a realistic appearance to the hairline. There are no knots that can be seen on the wig. It is also freestyle and has body wave hair.
  3. Atlas Men’s Real Hair Toupee: Like other hair toupees, it is also made of Indian Remy human hair. Atlas is a lace-based hair toupee. French lace is used in the center of the base. On the back and the sides, a thin PU skin base is used. French lace is long-lasting and breathable. Atlas men’s hair toupee is designed as its hairline appears realistic. It has a lifespan of 4-6 months.



Hair toupees are used to cover hair problems instantly. Nowadays, people are preferring toupees that are made of human hair. Human hair toupees have more benefits than toupees that are made of synthetic hair. People who want human hair toupees can buy from LaVivid which is one of the best brands.

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