Begin Your New Year with a Fresh and Attractive Hair colour

People often change their hair colour to bring freshness to their monotonous routine lives.  While going for colours closer to your natural hair is a safe and easy pick, trying out different colours to change your appearance is too appealing to pass off if you are adventurous. If you are not looking to attract attention, it is better to use the safer option.


It may be a drastic change because it affects how a person is perceived, but the correct choice in hair colour can add dimensions to your personality, both in personal and professional spheres. Receiving compliments on your hair can set the mood for the rest of your day and make you feel more energetic.


If you are going through hair struggles but want to change your look to get that fresh boost of confidence, a colourful hair toupee or a wig by Lavivid is the perfect option. Not only is it convenient to remove or replace as per your wish, but you can try multiple colours without going through the hassle of hours of hair colour application process. When selecting a new hair system, the default option is to choose a colour that matches your natural hair.


Having doubts about what hair colour for men 2023 to pick? We have just the advice you are looking for about selecting the colour, whether you are colouring your hair with a hair dye or using the luxurious saloon-crafted hair systems.


Choosing the Right Colour of Hair

The task of selecting the right hair colour for men 2023 needs consideration of how the new hair colour compliments your features, skin tone, hair texture and body.  It would be helpful to decide if you want a lighter or darker shade than your current hair colour as the first step. Use your current hair colour as a reference point to gauge your next look.


For lighter skin tones, you can go for lighter colours like blonde, ash burn and bleached look. If you have a skin tone in the medium to deep range, you can go for more natural colours like brown and black, which further accentuate your features. The same rules are applied for selecting a colour for hair toupee. Make sure to choose the hair colour you feel most comfortable and confident.

Long-lasting Hair colour

As exciting as the experience of getting a new hair colour for men 2023 is, it is essential to keep it looking fresh, lively and vibrant. Here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your hair dye.

  • Add coloured treatment products to your haircare routine. Hair products specifically designed for coloured hair protect the hair colour from fading due to water and climatic conditions.
  • Use gentle hair shampoos because harsh, rough shampoos can wear off the colour and make your hair look dull.
  • Do not overwash your hair. Up to three times a week is optimal for keeping your hair clean and coloured.
  • Avoid using hot water in showers as it can release the hair colour to make it fade away.
  • Steer clear of hot hair tools like styling irons or at least minimize their use.
  • When using hot hair tools, use hair serums that shield the strands from heat to minimize damage and preserve the dye.
  • Regularly use hair masks and moisturizers to keep your hair from becoming dry.
  • Conditioners and shampoos come in pairs. Make sure to use a good conditioner to keep your hair shiny and colour intact.

Picking a High-Quality Hairpiece

There are many factors to remember other than the colour, such as material, style, length, texture and application method. Each of these attributes contributes to the style of your hair system.

In the case of hair toupee, if you are going for a colour that is shades apart from your natural hair, it is best to get a full hair toupee, so it covers the entirety of the head. This way, you can minimize the chances of your natural hair standing out against the coloured toupee.


If you are still trying to decide your choice, there are designated professional hair technicians at Lavivid that can help you with how a particular hair toupee suits you and assist you in making the right choice.

For materials of the hair toupee or wig, natural fibres are expensive but give a more natural look and feel. Synthetic hair fibres are relatively less expensive, but hair toupee is challenging to style. As far as the length of the wig is concerned, you can get one for any length of your preference.


The hair toupee or hairpieces also differ by their bases: skin and lace. Skin bases allow room for breathability and offer more comfort to the scalp. It is an ideal choice in warmer climate areas. The lace is often made of silicone which can gather heat and makes it uncomfortable in warm areas. However, it is suitable for use in areas with lower temperatures.


Enhance the Life of the coloured Hairpiece

If you like your new, colourful hairpiece, make it last as long as possible. You can do this by maintaining the hairpiece as carefully as you can. You can follow the given guidelines to promote longer-lasting colour for your hairpiece.


  • If you live in a hotter part of the world, sweat and dirt accumulate in the hairpiece, which can diminish its life. Regular washing every week to 10 days is an excellent approach to make the hairpiece last.
  • Use products specifically designed for the upkeep of toupees and wigs, so the fibre strands are not damaged.
  • Use fibre oil to remove any static charges in the hairpiece to reduce its likelihood of accumulating pollutants.
  • After shampooing your toupee, apply an appropriate conditioner to keep it from looking dull.
  • Invest in a wig stand to dry your hairpieces after washing to preserve their shape. If it is pre-styled, then the wig stand can provide support to maintain the style.


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